Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where are they now? (K&C Blog Week - Day 4)

Knitting for other people isn't something I do very often - the legendary boyfriend sweater is most of the reason why.  And in my experience, exactly that happens every time I knit someone a treasure.

So this post will be mercifully short - I've done such knitting only a few times... twice for husbands that ended up being ex-husbands and then a couple times for my Mom, who, bless her heart will keep them forever.

The first one was a pair of socks - pretty good, I think they were my first pair, but they were in DK which was heavier weight than I wanted to wear.  So I gave them to my husband at the time.  Now he's gone and so are the socks.  But that's okay, I have one of his funny sweatshirts, so I suppose it was a fair trade in the end.

The second one was my first sweater - done in the round from the top down.  Lion Brand Wool Ease in a wonderful deep green.  I gave it to my husband (a different one) and he wore it a lot, not just because I made it, but because it fit well and he genuinely liked it.  Now he's gone, and so is the sweater.

I was beginning to see a pattern here... so I don't often do such things anymore.  I did knit my Mom a pair of socks for a Christmas gift.  I think she wears them with her clogs sometimes.  I knit her a pretty swirled tam in a yarn she picked out to match her winter coat.  Delightful stuff, and she's gone on to learn to knit things for herself.  She's decided that she's a yarn snob... cracks me up to hear her say that.

Somehow knitting for Mom is different.  She knows what she wants, and yet she will wear anything her kids make for her.  I remember when I was little, I made some dreadfully garish jewelry for her from little plastic shells and electric pink gimp.  And bless her forever, she wore them!

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