Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, finally got one of my Works In Progress done!  The "Pretty Thing" for Janet is knitted, washed, blocked and delivered.  Couldn't get a picture of her wearing it though. : (
Pretty Thing being blocked

This is a shot of the wet cowl on the blocking board and pinned out.  Wanted to pull out the scallops - might as well do that so she could see the most extreme version of her cowl.  Since it is a superwash wool I'm not sure how well it will hold the blocking, but it sure turned out to be a very "pretty thing" indeed!  One new thing I learned while working on this project is the sewn bind off.  Very slick, and very elastic -  I like it very much!

Here's a shot of the stitches close up and personal.

Pretty Thing stitch close-up
I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the color changes, but I find that I really rather like the small bursts of color and the definition of the stitches where they occur.  I think I have enough of this yarn left over to make one of these for myself too.  Not right away though, too many other projects already queued up for the time being.

Next up on the needles - the tam to match the Wallace tartan - there is a Renaissance Faire coming up where it could make a grand entrance.  The kilt hose will come later, that is intarsia, which I haven't learned how to do yet.

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