Thursday, March 10, 2011

Works in progress - Part One

Spinning aside for a while, I've got several knitting projects running now.  There is the Knit-a-long sweater that I started in October, the back is done:

Sweater back

The yarn is a lovely red-violet worsted weight.  Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks in a color called Fairy Tale.  I discovered that even though I like the looks of moss stitch, it is a pain in the rear to knit.  All that back and forth takes a long time, but it does give a nice edge - the small stripe below the armsceye is also 4 rows of moss stitch.  I'm rather fond of the color and the way the sweater is turning out.  I've only done one other sweater and that one was a gift.  Knitted it in the round and from the top down.  I really liked knitting that one.  But I figured that I should do a sweater from a pattern written the "normal" way, as a sort of experiment I suppose.

Then I started knitting the fronts (note to self - why did I let anyone talk me into knitting in pieces rather than in the round?) and finished those up a short while ago.  I'm pretty pleased with them as well... nothing is blocked yet, but I'll do that when I get all the pieces finished.  Here are the fronts:

Sweater front
This will be a raglan sweater - so the sleeves are next.  I'm knitting both of them at the same time on a circular needle with two balls of yarn.  It seems to be going faster that way than doing each one separately.  Also none of the "second of a pair" problem this way.  When these come off the needles, I can go straight to blocking and sewing up.  I think I'll choose buttons when I get the pieces assembled and before I do the bands and collar.  This sweater has a mandarin-type collar, but it doesn't join in the front.  Planning on going back to those wonderful yarn shops to find the perfect buttons - or maybe some of those neat Scandinavian clasps - I'm not sure which I'll like better on this one yet.

I'm knitting the sleeves during lunch at work and whenever I need mindless knitting to do.  I've got a lace cowl going at home that I can only work on when I know I won't be disturbed - pretty, but demanding enough that I don't want to find (and sort out) problem yarn overs in such fine yarn!  Back to work....

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