Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Works in progress - Part Three

Here is the beginning of a lace shawlette that I'm doing as a knit-along with my Mom.  I'm doing the Annis shawlette from Knitty.com, here's the link: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEss10/PATTannis.php
Mom's working hers in Malabrigo Sock in one of the purple/blue colorways.  I'm doing mine in handspun from one of my own Corriedale sheep named "Wiggly". I may have to spin some more, since the yarn I'm using is a bit heavier weight than recommended.  I wanted a wrap with some warmth to it.  I've got a full fleece of another Corriedale named "Sierra" that is the same color.  I'm stalled out at the beginning of the row of bobbles.  I don't like to work bobbles, even though they are a very nice accent on this particular shawlette.  I did a swatch of the lace and did the first bobble in the purist way with my knitting needles, decided that it was a sure road to madness and picked up a crochet hook to finish the swatch.  Since then, more pondering, and I am going to use a cable needle to make it easier still to draw the working yarn through the seven strands on these bobbles.

I also worked on my March Stashdown.  Got the batts carded and the green one is spun, plied and washed.  I'll put up pictures of that for next time.

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