Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Progress Report...

Busy week... had a birthday and celebrated by contributing to my stash.  I'll shoot photos of that for next time.  But for now, here's what is happening with the LNL and Dolly yarn for the Stashdown.

This shot shows how much (OMG!) LNL is still left on the bobbin and a few of the many batts I'm still spinning to finish up the plied yarn I'm making.  Did a couple small skeins of the "magpie" yarn to use as an accent and there is the swatch again so you can see the whole picture.  I've got about two half bobbins done of the Dolly singles, and I'll ply those tonight for another skein.

One thing about this stashdown - I sure picked a whopper of a target for this goal!  I'm looking at March with a more sensible eye now... I need to remember that I'm still working full time and that the weather is warming up.  Pen orders are starting to come in now too, and I'm thinking about some other turned things that I want to get rolling on - like spindles, small bowls and maybe some other surprises!

Off to spin again!

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