Friday, February 4, 2011

Dyed in the wool...

Decided to start with pink... or rather, #411 Deep Magenta. When I got the wool as clean as I could, I started the dyepot. Got the water good and hot, added the dye and vinegar and went and got a small bucket full of wet wool and added it to the pot. At first, it wasn't hot enough, so I turned up the heat, after an hour the dye still hadn't exhausted, so I added some more vinegar. Goodness gracious what a difference it made!

This is what came out after about a half hour with the extra vinegar:
The dye hadn't completely exhausted, so I took another little batch of wool and plopped it in the pot, and after about 15 minutes the water was nearly clear. It still amazes me every time I do it.

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