Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Found another neat blog.... it is called Spindlicity and it is at http://beebonnet.typepad.com/spindlicity/ .  She's having an event called a Stashdown and it is one great idea!  I'm committing to finishing up something from my stash for each month.

****Drumroll please****

Dorset crossbred

My committment for February is to finish up the 8 ounces of Louet Northern Lights (Wild Berry Jam colorway) singles into a three ply yarn with the Dorset crossbred fleece I'm spinning up now.  It will be one ply of the LNL and two plies of the Dorset.

Here's a shot of the washed fleece, I'm carding it into batts and spinning it on my favorite Kundert spindle during my lunch breaks at work and whenever I can find the time at home.  The LNL singles were finished in January and are waiting patiently to be made into yarn.  Sampling went like this:
My original thought with the LNL was to Navajo ply it, but it is a bit too "magpie" for my taste, although it will be great as an accent yarn. 

Pretty, but too busy and bright.  I would love this as an accent yarn in mosaic knitting paired with black as long as it wasn't too much, and this much color will definitely take over!

So, I tried it this way... and I like it much better.  The variegation of the LNL shows up nicely and I'm in the process of knitting the swatch.  Hoping to get the swatch finished and blocked for a post tomorrow.

So, off to finish and block the knitted swatch...

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