Friday, January 6, 2012

Quilting club...

The story started a long time ago....

Mom's mom was a passionate and gifted quilter, modest enough to think that she didn't do it right - even after winning quilt shows and being invited to judge the same show the following year! I often asked Grandma if she'd teach me to quilt, and she always told me I should take a class, since she didn't think she did it right.  I never did get her to change her mind, and she's gone now.  So, after all these years, Mom and I are learning to quilt.

Mom and I have started taking a quilting class of sorts.  It is actually a club that meets once a month.  No schlepping sewing machines - one person in the group presents the block that we'll be making for the month and points out any tips or troublemakers in the construction.  Then we all go home and take our chances with the directions and try to make the block.

We're working out of a book called Sylvia's Bridal Sampler by Jennifer Chiaverini.  As Mom and I looked it over, we thought "hmmm, 6 inch blocks, shouldn't take much fabric. How hard could it be?"  (Okay, now that anyone who knows anything about quilting is having a good laugh at our expense.....)  Not only have we discovered how little we know, we've also found a group of some of the most supportive and interesting women I've ever met.

I'm rather pleased with what I've learned.  Each month my skills get a little better.  Here's my first block, called Cats and Mice

Fun to do, but lots of tiny pieces!  I actually cut all those tiny bits and did all the 1/4" seams.  Since then I've learned how to do paper piecing and that makes it go a lot better - easier too!
As for the other things rolling around in my studio, the sweater is getting sewn up, and I found some great buttons for it!  I'm still spinning on the GNR/Dolly blend at work.  Just about ready to ply off the first bobbin of that one.  Made a sample of some very fine 3 ply yarn from a little puff of Ashland Bay Amethyst Multi wool.  The skein is drying now.  I'll shoot more pictures and get those posted next time.


  1. I've pondered learning how to quilt but I think my husband would kill me for bringing home another craft. He tolerates my yarn and roving and my wheel and all the other things that go with knitting and spinning...but another craft might send him over the edge.

  2. Guess I can't blame him... I'm up to my ears in fibery things though. But I also live alone - and my dog doesn't care as long as the food arrives in her bowl at regular intervals.
    Trying to think of all the things I do, let's see: spinning, weaving, dyework, embroidery, knitting, fashion design, pattern drafting, I know how to crochet - but haven't in a while, beadwork, jewelry making.... oooooh my goodness! Plus I do woodworking too... not even going there!